[openstack-dev] Barbican PTL Candidacy

Jarret Raim jarret.raim at RACKSPACE.COM
Mon Mar 31 16:18:52 UTC 2014

I'd like to throw my name in for PTL for the Key Management Program which
includes the Barbican, python-barbicanclient and Kite projects.

I've been working on Barbican since the first line of code was committed
and was responsible for building the team and desire at Rackspace to start
the project. It is a confluence of ideas from my time as a security
consultant, internal security architect and OpenStack contributor. I
believe that Barbican is key to allowing other projects in OpenStack to
expose desired features in the encryption space while meeting requirements
from security or compliance conscious customers. Additionally, the team
that we build for Barbican (both inside and outside of Rackspace) tends to
draw security minded folks that contribute their time and expertise to the

My goal for the Juno cycle is to move Barbican through the incubation
process while incorporating the Kite work done in Keystone and filling out
the next set of planned features. With the requirements for integration
being clarified now, I'm not sure we'll be ready for integration in the
Juno cycle, but we will certainly be tackling as many of those as possible.

In addition to the integration work, Barbican has several community and
feature goals:

* Continue to drive wider community adoption. We've had a great start with
folks from HP, Nebula, Red Hat and others, but we want to continue to
diversify the team.
* Adopt a new blueprint system using Gerrit similar to Nova
* Discuss the future of the oslo.crypto libraries with the Oslo team
* Continue to evangelize Barbican and OpenStack in various venues through
speaking and training engagements

* Asymmetric key generation and escrow support include support for
external CAs
* Land the Dogtag support patches from Red Hat
* Auditing and logging compliance requirements
* Land the preliminary work done for the Kite project

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