[openstack-dev] [OpenStack-Dev][Nova][VMWare] Enable live migration with one nova compute

Jay Lau jay.lau.513 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 09:11:20 UTC 2014


Currently with VMWare VCDriver, one nova compute can manage multiple
clusters/RPs, this caused cluster admin cannot do live migration between
clusters/PRs if those clusters/PRs managed by one nova compute as the
current live migration logic request at least two nova computes.

A bug [1] was also filed to trace VMWare live migration issue.

I'm now trying the following solution to see if it is acceptable for a fix,
the fix wants enable live migration with one nova compute:
1) When live migration check if host are same, check both host and node for
the VM instance.
2) When nova scheduler select destination for live migration, the live
migration task should put (host, node) to attempted hosts.
3) Nova scheduler needs to be enhanced to support ignored_nodes.
4) nova compute need to be enhanced to check host and node when doing live

I also uploaded a WIP patch [2] for you to review the idea of the fix and
hope can get some comments from you.

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1192192
[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/84085


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