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Gary Duan garyduan at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 18:02:02 UTC 2014

I guess you need bind the port you just create. Also, the port need to be
plugged into the VM, right? I don't see that in the code. Maybe you are
doing it outside of OpenStack.


On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 3:15 PM, Paul Michali (pcm) <pcm at cisco.com> wrote:

>  Hi,
>  I have a VM that I start up outside of OpenStack (as a short term
> solution, until we get it working inside a Nova VM), using KVM. It has
> scrips associated with the three interfaces that are created, to hook this
> VM into Neutron. One I/F is on br-ex (connected to the "public" network for
> DevStack), another to br-int (connected to a management network that is
> created), and a third is connected to br-int (connected to the "private"
> network for DevStack). It's understood these are hacks to get things going
> and can be brittle.  With DevStack, I have a vanilla localrc, so using ML2,
> without any ML2 settings specified.
>  Now, the first two scripts use internal Neutron client calls to create
> the port, and then plug the VIF. The third, uses Neutron to create the
> port, and then Nova to plug the VIF. I don't know why - I inherited the
> scripts.
>  On one system, where Nova is based on commit b3e2e05 (10 days ago), this
> all works just peachy. Interfaces are hooked in and I can ping to my hearts
> content. On another system, that I just reimaged today, using the latest
> and greatest OpenStack projects, the third script fails.
>  I talked to Nova folks, and the vic is now an object, instead of a plain
> dict, and therefore calls on the object fail (as the script just provides a
> dict). I started trying to convert the vif to an object, but in discussing
> with a co-worker, we thought that we could too use Neutron calls for all of
> the setup of this third interface.
>  Well, I tried, and the port is created, but unlike the other system, the
> port is DOWN, and I cannot ping to or from it (the other ports still work
> fine, with this newer OpenStack repo). One difference is that the port is
> showing  {"port_filter": true, "ovs_hybrid_plug": true} for
> binding:vif_details, in the neutron port-show output. On the older system
> this is empty (so must be new changes in Neutron?)
>  Here is the Neutron based code (trimmed) to do the create and plugging:
>  import neutron.agent.linux.interface as vif_driver
> from neutronclient.neutron import client as qclient
>  qc = qclient.Client('2.0', auth_url=KEYSTONE_URL, username=user,
> tenant_name=tenant, password=pw)
>  prefix, net_name = interface.split('__')
> port_name = net_name + '_p'
> try:
>     nw_id = qc.list_networks(name=net_name)['networks'][0]['id']
> except qcexp.NeutronClientException as e:
>     ...
>  p_spec = {'port': {'admin_state_up': True,
>                    'name': port_name,
>                    'network_id': nw_id,
>                    'mac_address': mac_addr,
>                    'binding:host_id': hostname,
>                    'device_id': vm_uuid,
>                    'device_owner': 'compute:None'}}
>  try:
>     port = qc.create_port(p_spec)
> except qcexp.NeutronClientException as e:
>     ...
>  port_id = port['port']['id']
> br_name = 'br-int'
>  conf = cfg.CONF
> config.register_root_helper(conf)
> conf.register_opts(vif_driver.OPTS)
>  driver = vif_driver.OVSInterfaceDriver(cfg.CONF)
> driver.plug(nw_id, port_id, interface, mac_addr, br_name)
>  Finally, here are the questions (hope you stuck with the long message)...
>  *Any idea why the neutron version is not working?* I know there were a
> bunch of recent changes.
> *Is there a way for me to turn off the ova_hybrid_plug and port_filter
> flags? Should I?*
> *Should I go back to using Nova and build a VIF object?*
> *If so, any reason why the Neutron version would not work?*
> *Is there a way to do a similar thing, but via using Northbound APIs (so
> it isn't as brittle)?*
>  Thanks in advance!
>   PCM (Paul Michali)
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