[openstack-dev] QA Program PTL Candidacy

Matthew Treinish mtreinish at kortar.org
Fri Mar 28 17:29:06 UTC 2014

I would like to run for the QA Program PTL position.

I'm currently a core reviewer on the Tempest and elastic-recheck projects and a
member of the stable maint team. I have been working on Tempest and on improving
overall OpenStack quality since I started contributing to the project late in
the Folsom cycle. 

One of the coolest things I've seen since I first started working on OpenStack
is the incredible growth in the tempest community. For example, back during
Folsom Tempest was a relatively small project that had just recently begun
gating with very few contributors. Now it is one of the top 5 most active
OpenStack projects. Which I feel is a testament to the dedication in the
OpenStack community towards maintaining the quality of the project.

I have worked on some key areas since I started working on OpenStack. The
biggest of which is probably enabling tempest to run in parallel in the gate
using testr. This not only improved run time but also helped us shook loose
additional bugs in all the projects by making parallel request. As a result of
all the new bugs it shook loose in the gate I helped Joe Gordon get
elastic-recheck off the ground so that we could track all of the bugs and
prioritize things.

This past cycle I have mostly been concentrating on adding unit testing for
Tempest. Additionally I've been working on trying to improve the user experience
for tempest by working on cleaning up the UX around tempest (config file, run
scripts, etc.) and working on additionally tooling to make configuring and
running Tempest simpler. 

One of my top priorities for the Juno cycle will be bringing the level of gating
for all the integrated projects up the same level and trying to have clear
definitions of what testing should be expected for the projects. Part of this
will also be working on cleaning up and defining exactly what the test matrix
should be in the gate to both balance resources and testing coverage.
Additionally, I think another large push for the Juno cycle should be on the
accessibility of the QA tooling, whether it be tempest, elastic-recheck, grenade,
or any of the projects. During Icehouse we saw a large number of new
contributors to QA projects. However what I've seen is that new contributors
often don't have a clear place to reference exactly how all the projects work.
So I think working on making the documentation and tooling around the QA
projects should also be a priority for Juno.

An opinion that I share with Sean from his PTL candidacy email:

I believe the QA PTL role is mostly one of working across projects, as
what's most needed to ensure OpenStack quality at any point in time
may be: more tests, or it may be adjusting the infrastructure to
address a hole, or it may be debugging an issue with developers in any
one of our growing number of integrated projects, or clients, or libraries.

My commit history:
My review history:

Or for those fond of pie charts:


-Matt Treinish

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