[openstack-dev] [MagnetoDB] Best practices for uploading large amounts of data

Romain Hardouin romain_hardouin at yahoo.fr
Fri Mar 28 14:28:16 UTC 2014

Bulk loading with sstableloader is blazingly fast (the price to pay is that's not portable of course). 
Also it's network efficient thanks to SSTable compression. If the network is not a limiting factor then LZ4 will be great.

Le Vendredi 28 mars 2014 13h46, Aleksandr Chudnovets <achudnovets at mirantis.com> a écrit :
Dmitriy Ukhlov wrote:

> I guess if we a talking about cassandra batch loading the fastest way is to generate sstables locally and load it into Cassandra via JMX or sstableloader

 Good idea, Dmitriy. IMHO bulk load is back-end specific task. So using specialized tools seems good idea for me.

Alexander Chudnovets

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