[openstack-dev] Dealing with changes of plans, rejections and other annoyances

Stefano Maffulli stefano at openstack.org
Fri Mar 28 00:12:16 UTC 2014

Hello folks,

we've been hearing a lot about the incredible growth of the OpenStack
community but we don't hear much about the incredible amount of pressure
that comes with such growth. One huge problem that growth brings with is
that new comers have not had time to assimilate the culture of OpenStack
community. If you look at the stats and notice that only a small
percentage of the original developers is still committing code [1].

This is translating in more and more people (tens per week) getting
closer to OpenStack and being greeted in ways that can be too easily
misunderstood. We've already introduced friendly measures to gerrit so
that the first time one submits a change for review is greeted with a
nice email. We're also starting a new program to teach newcomers how to
be a better upstream contributor. I think these are only partial
measures and we all as a community need to collaborate on being better
at dealing with our growth.

I think we have a nice problem (growth is good) and we should address it
before it gets too big and unmanageable . I have filed this session for
the Design Summit and I sincerely hope we'll find time to discuss more
together in Atlanta[2]:


Ideally I would like to have in the same room to discuss people who have
had bad/good experiences with their first commits, people who still
haven't committed the code they wanted to commit, those afraid of -2 and
those who love them, those that made grandiose plans and merged and
those whose plans were squashed... And I would like to have all PTLs
there too.

What do you think?

Best regards,


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