[openstack-dev] [Marconi] Backend options [was Re: Why is marconi a queue implementation vs a provisioning API?]

Kurt Griffiths kurt.griffiths at rackspace.com
Thu Mar 27 18:21:01 UTC 2014

Matt Asay wrote:
> We want people using the world's most popular NoSQL database with the
>world's most popular open source cloud (OpenStack). I think our track
>record on this is 100% in the affirmative.

So, I think it is pretty clear that there are lots of people who would
like to use MongoDB and aren’t concerned about the way it is licensed.
However, there are also lots of people who would prefer another
production-ready option.

I think Marconi has room for 2-3 more drivers that are supported by the
team for production deployments. Two of the most promising candidates are
Redis and AMQP (specific broker TBD). Cassandra has also been proposed in
the past, but I don't think it’s a viable option due to the way deletes
are implemented[1].

If anyone has some other options that you think could be a good fit,
please make some suggestions and help us determine the future of

Kurt G. | @kgriffs

[1]: http://goo.gl/k7Bbv1

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