[openstack-dev] Glance WSGI File Read Bug (Grizzly)

Álvaro López García alvaro.lopez.garcia at cern.ch
Thu Mar 27 15:44:12 UTC 2014

Hi there.

On Tue 17 Dec 2013 (21:23), Miller, Mark M (EB SW Cloud - R&D - Corvallis) wrote:
> I was able to pin down the image upload problem today:
> The Store.add file input read loop using chunkreadable throws an error on the very last read. Apparently the mod_wsgi.Input behaves differently than its eventlet counterpart in that it throws an error if the requested data length is greater than what is avalible. When I replaced the chunkreadable for loop with a while loop that modified the size of the last data read request, it works. Does anyone know if this is a code bug or rather a WSGI configuration setting that I missed?

Just for the record, we have a similar problem in Havana, so a bug has
been filled for this [1].

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance/+bug/1298462

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