[openstack-dev] [openstack-qa] Graduation Requirements + Scope of Tempest

Malini Kamalambal malini.kamalambal at RACKSPACE.COM
Thu Mar 27 14:09:40 UTC 2014

>The beginning of this thread largely came from the fact that Marconi
>clearly doing most of their QA not in an upstream way. To be integrated,
>that needs to change.

Marconi has very good test coverage within the project.
These tests guarantee functionality at a project level (i.e the API works
as defined in our API docs).
But having a good test coverage at the project level, no way implies that
we don't want to work with upstream.
We want to guarantee quality at every level & upstream integration will
continue to be one of our major areas of focus.
We have never considered the tests within the project and those in Tempest
as an 'either or'.
We need both - Both of these give valuable feedback , from different

>I've seen this go down with many projects now to the point where it's a
>normal 5 stages of grief thing.
> * Denial - we can totally do all this in our own tree, no need to work
>in Tempest
> * Anger - what, python*client shipped a new version and we're broken!
>how dare they? And why do I need to bother working outside my own git
> * Bargaining - let me propose a whole other approach to testing that
>doesn't need Tempest
> * Depression - that's not going to work? why won't you let me gate all
>the projects on my own thing? ok, fine I'll work with Tempest.
> * Acceptance - oh, look at that, I just managed to block a Keystone
>change that would have broken me, but now I have a Tempest test that
>*they* have to pass as well.

Marconi team is not in any of the 'grief' stages ;)
We recognize the value of Tempest & enhancing test coverage in Tempest is
an important goal for us.

>Is Tempest a paragon of virtue? Far from it. But right now has very
>clearly shown it's value, and I think remains the right collaboration
>point to create the contract about what we all believe OpenStack is.

We all agree that Tempest is the 'right collaboration point to create the
contract about what we all believe OpenStack is'.
Making projects more accountable for quality will no way diminish the
value of Tempest.
On the other hand, Tempest will become more valuable than ever because of
the increased focus in integration testing.

We need the emphasis on quality to permeate at every level of Openstack.
This is a cultural change that needs to take place & openstack-qa should
be the drivers of this change.


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