[openstack-dev] [all] sample config files should be ignored in git...

Zane Bitter zbitter at redhat.com
Wed Mar 26 18:32:02 UTC 2014

On 26/03/14 14:10, Clint Byrum wrote:
> This is an issue that affects all of our git repos. If you are using
> oslo.config, you will likely also be using the sample config generator.
> However, for some reason we are all checking this generated file in.
> This makes no sense, as we humans are not editting it, and it often
> picks up config files from other things like libraries (keystoneclient
> in particular). This has lead to breakage in the gate a few times for
> Heat, perhaps for others as well.

Just to put the other side of this... the latest change to oslo.config 
has produced a *completely broken* config file in Heat (due to the fix 
for bug #1262148 landing in oslo.config - see  bug #1288586 for gory 

The fact that we have to make a change to a file in the repository that 
goes through code review means that we are able to see that. If it were 
silently generated with no human intervention, we would be shipping 
garbage right now.

That said, the fact that config files have to match to pass the gate, as 
they do currently, also makes it very hard to actually fix the bug. So 
I'm not sure what the right answer is here.


> I move that we all rm this file from our git trees, and start generating
> it as part of the install/dist process (I have no idea how to do
> this..). This would require:
> - rm sample files and add them to .gitignore in all trees
> - Removing check_uptodate.sh from all trees/tox.ini's
> - Generating file during dist/install process.
> Does anyone disagree?
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