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> Hi,
> The availability Zones filter states that theoretically a compute node can be
> part of multiple availability zones. I have a requirement where I need to
> make a compute node part to 2 AZ. When I try to create a host aggregates
> with AZ I can not add the node in two host aggregates that have AZ defined.
> However if I create a host aggregate without associating an AZ then I can
> add the compute nodes to it. After doing that I can update the
> host-aggregate an associate an AZ. This looks like a bug.
> I can see the compute node to be listed in the 2 AZ with the
> availability-zone-list command.

Yes it appears a bug to me (apparently the AZ metadata indertion is considered as a normal metadata so no check is done), and so does the message in the AvailabilityZoneFilter. I don't know why you need a compute node that belongs to 2 different availability-zones. Maybe I'm wrong but for me it's logical that availability-zones do not share the same compute nodes. The "availability-zones" have the role of partition your compute nodes into "zones" that are physically separated (in large term it would require separation of physical servers, networking equipments, power sources, etc). So that when user deploys 2 VMs in 2 different zones, he knows that these VMs do not fall into a same host and if some zone falls, the others continue working, thus the client will not lose all of his VMs. It's smaller than Regions which ensure total separation at the cost of low-layer connectivity and central management (e.g. scheduling per region).

See: http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/introduction-openstack

The former purpose of regouping hosts with the same characteristics is ensured by host-aggregates.

> The problem that I have is that I can still not boot a VM on the compute node
> when I do not specify the AZ in the command though I have set the default
> availability zone and the default schedule zone in nova.conf.
> I get the error “ERROR: The requested availability zone is not available”
> What I am  trying to achieve is have two AZ that the user can select during
> the boot but then have a default AZ which has the HV from both AZ1 AND AZ2
> so that when the user does not specify any AZ in the boot command I scatter
> my VM on both the AZ in a balanced way.

I do not understand your goal. When you create two availability-zones and put ALL of your compute nodes into these AZs, then if you don't specifies the AZ in your request, then AZFilter will automatically accept all hosts.
The defaut weigher (RalWeigher) will then distribute the workload fairely among these nodes regardless of AZ it belongs to. Maybe it is what you want?

> Any pointers.
> Thanks,
> Sangeeta
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