[openstack-dev] [TripleO][reviews] We're falling behind

Ladislav Smola lsmola at redhat.com
Wed Mar 26 09:50:35 UTC 2014

On 03/25/2014 09:17 PM, Robert Collins wrote:
> TripleO has just seen an influx of new contributors. \o/. Flip side -
> we're now slipping on reviews /o\.
> In the meeting today we had basically two answers: more cores, and
> more work by cores.
> We're slipping by 2 reviews a day, which given 16 cores is a small amount.
> I'm going to propose some changes to core in the next couple of days -
> I need to go and re-read a bunch of reviews first - but, right now we
> don't have a hard lower bound on the number of reviews we request
> cores commit to (on average).
> We're seeing 39/day from the 16 cores - which isn't enough as we're
> falling behind. Thats 2.5 or so. So - I'd like to ask all cores to
> commit to doing 3 reviews a day, across all of tripleo (e.g. if your
> favourite stuff is all reviewed, find two new things to review even if
> outside comfort zone :)).
> And we always need more cores - so if you're not a core, this proposal
> implies that we'll be asking that you a) demonstrate you can sustain 3
> reviews a day on average as part of stepping up, and b) be willing to
> commit to that.
> Obviously if we have enough cores we can lower the minimum commitment
> - so I don't think this figure should be fixed in stone.
> And now - time for a loose vote - who (who is a tripleo core today)
> supports / disagrees with this proposal - lets get some consensus
> here.
> I'm in favour, obviously :), though it is hard to put reviews ahead of
> direct itch scratching, its the only way to scale the project.
> -Rob
I'll do my best

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