[openstack-dev] SR-IOV and IOMMU check

Gouzongmei gouzongmei at huawei.com
Wed Mar 26 03:09:11 UTC 2014

Hi, Yang, Yi y

Agree with you,  IOMMU and SR-IOV need to be checked beforehand.

I think it should be checked before booting a instance with the pci flavor, that means when the flavor contains some normal pci cards or SR-IOV cards. Just like when you find there are pci_requests in the instance system_metadata.

The details are out of my current knows.

Hope can help you.
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Hi, all

Currently openstack can support SR-IOV device pass-through (at least there are some patches for this), but the prerequisite to this is both IOMMU and SR-IOV must be enabled correctly, it seems there is not a robust way to check this in openstack, I have implemented a way to do this and hope it can be committed into upstream, this can help find the issue beforehand, instead of letting kvm report the issue "no IOMMU found" until the VM is started. I didn't find an appropriate place to put into this, do you think this is necessary? Where can it be put into? Welcome your advice and thank you in advance.
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