[openstack-dev] ML2 Type driver for supporting network overlays, with more than 4K seg

Padmanabhan Krishnan kprad1 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 24 23:13:22 UTC 2014

I have a topology where my Openstack compute nodes are connected to the external switches. The fabric comprising of the switches support more than 4K segments. So, i should be able to create more than 4K networks in Openstack. But, the VLAN to be used for communication with the switches is assigned by the switches using 802.1QBG (VDP) protocol. This can be thought of as a network overlay. The VM's sends .1q frames to the switches and the switches associate it to the segment (VNI in case of VXLAN).
My question is:
1. I cannot use a type driver of VLAN because of the 4K limitation. I cannot use a type driver of VXLAN or GRE because that may mean host based overlay. Is there an integrated type driver i can use like an "external network" for achieving the above?
2. The Openstack module running in the compute should communicate with VDP module (lldpad) running there.

In the computes, i see that ovs_neutron_agent.py is the one programming the flows. Here, for the new type driver, should i add a special case to provision_local_vlan() for communicating with lldpad for retrieving the provider VLAN? If there was a type driver component running in each computes, i would have added another one for my purpose. Since, the ML2 architecture has its mechanism/type driver modules in the controller only, i can only make changes here.

Please let me know if there's already an implementation for my above requirements. If not, should i create a blue-print? 

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