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Eugene Nikanorov enikanorov at mirantis.com
Mon Mar 24 21:04:22 UTC 2014


HAProxy driver has not removed from the trunk, instead it became a base for
agent-based driver, so the only haproxy-specific thing in the plugin driver
is device driver name. Namespace driver is a device driver on the agent
side and it was there from the beginning.
The reason for the change is mere refactoring: it seems that solutions that
employ agents could share the same code with only device driver being

So, everything is in place, HAProxy continues to be the default
implementation of Neutron LBaaS service. It supports spawning haproxy
processes on any host that runs lbaas agent.


On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 12:33 AM, Vijay B <os.vbvs at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm looking at HAProxy support in Neutron, and I observe that the
> drivers/haproxy/plugin_driver.py file in the stable/havana release has been
> effectively removed from trunk (master), in that the plugin driver in the
> master simply points to the namespace driver. What was the reason to do
> this? Was the plugin driver in havana tested and documented? I can't seem
> to get hold of any relevant documentation that describes how to configure
> HAProxy LBs installed on separate boxes (and not brought up in network
> namespaces) - can anyone please point me to the same?
> Also, are there any plans to bring back the HAProxy plugin driver to talk
> to remote HAProxy instances?
> Thanks,
> Regards,
> Vijay
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