[openstack-dev] Separating our Murano PL core in own package

Ruslan Kamaldinov rkamaldinov at mirantis.com
Mon Mar 24 18:29:24 UTC 2014

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 10:08 PM, Joshua Harlow <harlowja at yahoo-inc.com> wrote:
> Seeing that the following repos already exist, maybe there is some need for
> cleanup?
> - https://github.com/stackforge/murano-agent
> - https://github.com/stackforge/murano-api
> - https://github.com/stackforge/murano-common
> - https://github.com/stackforge/murano-conductor
> - https://github.com/stackforge/murano-dashboard
> - https://github.com/stackforge/murano-deployment
> - https://github.com/stackforge/murano-docs
> - https://github.com/stackforge/murano-metadataclient
> - https://github.com/stackforge/murano-repository
> - https://github.com/stackforge/murano-tests
> ...(did I miss others?)
> Can we maybe not have more git repositories and instead figure out a way to
> have 1 repository (perhaps with submodules?) ;-)
> It appears like murano is already exploding all over stackforge which makes
> it hard to understand why yet another repo is needed. I understand why from
> a code point of view, but it doesn't seem right from a code organization
> point of view to continue adding repos. It seems like murano
> (https://github.com/stackforge/murano) should just have 1 repo, with
> sub-repos (tests, docs, api, agent...) for its own organizational usage
> instead of X repos that expose others to murano's internal organizational
> details.
> -Josh


I agree that this huge number of repositories is confusing for newcomers. I've
spent some time to understand mission of each of these repos. That's why we
already did the cleanup :) [0]

And I personally will do everything to prevent creation of new repo for

Here is the list of repositories targeted for the next Murano release (Apr 17):
* murano-api
* murano-agent
* python-muranoclient
* murano-dashboard
* murano-docs

The rest of these repos will be deprecated right after the release.  Also we
will rename murano-api to just "murano". murano-api will include all the
Murano services, functionaltests for Tempest, Devstack scripts, developer docs.
I guess we already can update README files in deprecated repos to avoid further

I wouldn't agree that there should be just one repo. Almost every OpenStack
project has it's own repo for python client. All the user docs are kept in a
separate repo. Guest agent code should live in it's own repository to keep
number of dependencies as low as possible. I'd say there should be
required/comfortable minimum of repositories per project.

And one more nit correction:
OpenStack has it's own git repository [1]. We shoul avoid referring to github
since it's just a convinient mirror, while [1] is an official
OpenStack repository.

[0] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/murano/+spec/repository-reorganization
[1] http://git.openstack.org/cgit/


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