[openstack-dev] MuranoPL questions?

Dmitry meytin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 15:28:12 UTC 2014

MuranoPL supposed to provide a solution for the real needs to manage
services in the centralized manner and to allow cloud provider customers to
create their own services.
The application catalog similar to AppDirect (www.appdirect.com) natively
supported by OpenStack is a huge step forward.
Think about Amazon which provides different services for the different
needs: Amazon Cloud Formation, Amazon OpsWorks and Amazon Beanstalk.
Following the similar logic (which is fully makes sense for me), OpenStack
should provide resource reservation and orchestration (Heat and Climate),
Application Catalog (Murano) and PaaS (Solum).
Every project can live in harmony with other and contribute for the cloud
service provider service completeness.
This is my opinion and i would happy to use Murano in our internal solution.
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