[openstack-dev] [Marconi] Proposal to add Malini Kamalambal to the marconi-core team

Cindy cindy.pallaresq at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 15:00:34 UTC 2014

+1! Malini is going to be a great addition!

On 03/21/2014 09:06 PM, Alejandro Cabrera wrote:
> +1.
> Malini is dedicated to making Marconi and Openstack a healthier, better
> place. I am very happy to see Malini being proposed for Core. I trust
> that she'll do wonders for the project and will help drive interaction
> with the larger Openstack ecosystem. :)
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>> Greetings,
>> I'd like to propose adding Malini Kamalambal to Marconi's core. Malini has been an outstanding contributor for a long time. She's taken care of Marconi's tests, benchmarks, gate integration, tempest support and way more other things. She's also actively participated in the mailing list discussions, she's contributed with thoughtful reviews and participated in the project's meeting since she first joined the project.
>> Folks in favor or against please explicitly +1 / -1 the proposal.
>> Thanks Malini, it's an honor to have you in the team.
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>> @flaper87
>> Flavio Percoco
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