[openstack-dev] auto-delete in amqp "reply_*" queues in OpenStack

Dmitry Mescheryakov dmescheryakov at mirantis.com
Mon Mar 24 08:59:34 UTC 2014


In oslo.messaging a single reply queue is used to gather results from
all the calls. It is created lazily on the first call and is used
until the process is killed. I did a quick look at oslo.rpc from
oslo-incubator and it seems like it uses the same pattern, which is
not surprising since oslo.messaging descends from oslo.rpc. So if you
restart some process which does rpc calls (nova-api, I guess), you
should see one reply queue gone and another one created instead after
some time.


2014-03-24 7:55 GMT+04:00 Chris Friesen <chris.friesen at windriver.com>:
> Hi,
> If I run "rabbitmqadmin list queues" on my controller node I see 28 queues
> with names of the form "reply_<uuid>".
> From what I've been reading, these queues are supposed to be used for the
> replies to rpc "calls", they're not "durable', and they all have auto_delete
> set to "True".
> Given the above, I would have expected that queues with names of that form
> would only exist for in-flight rpc operations, and that subsequent listings
> of the queues would show mostly different ones, but these 28 seem to be
> fairly persistent.
> Is this expected or do I have something unusual going on?
> Chris
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