[openstack-dev] [Ceilometer] [QA] unification of timestamp related parameters in query fileds

刘胜 liusheng1175 at 126.com
Mon Mar 24 08:26:02 UTC 2014

Hi stackers:

I have a problem about unification of timestamp related parameters in query fileds.

the related bug is:


start_timestamp/end_timestamp and start/end and timestamp is not unified in query fields.

for examples:

the valid keys of alarm-history query fields are:
set(['start_timestamp', 'type', 'project', 'alarm_id', 'user', 'start_timestamp_op', 'end_timestamp_op', 'end_timestamp'])

and, the valid keys of statistics query fields are:
(['end', 'start', 'metaquery', 'meter', 'project', 'source', 'user', 'start_timestamp_op', 'resource', 'end_timestamp_op', 'message_id'])

and, the valid keys of sample-list query fields are:
(['end', 'start', 'metaquery', 'meter', 'project', 'source', 'user', 'start_timestamp_op', 'resource', 'end_timestamp_op', 'message_id'])

Please pay attention to the method:ceilometer.api.controllers.v2:_query_to_kwargs()

In query field this method will transform 'timestamp' to 'end_timestamp' with the 'op' in ('lt', 'le'), and transform 'timestamp' to 'start_timestamp' with 'op' in ('gt', 'ge'),
meanwhile, the start_timestamp_op and end_timestamp_op generated by 'op'.

So I think we should unitize the timestamp in query fields, an option is use 'timestamp' with operators to instead others.

But the changes about API should be treated with caution, so I wish to obtain your opinion :)

before close these bugs, I want to get some advice:

My Best

liu sheng

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