[openstack-dev] [3rd party testing] Requiring a utc timestamp on 3rd party test logs

Anita Kuno anteaya at anteaya.info
Fri Mar 21 13:42:04 UTC 2014

At the beginning of March, I had an entertaining evening/morning with
Michael Still in which we tried to figure out when a 3rd party testing
system ran a specific test. I was days away from a refreshing vacation
and he was working with morning brain. The conversation went on way too
long and as much as I enjoy a good chat about timezones and timestamps,
I think there is a better way to do this. [0]

I proposed a patch to the 3rd party testing requirements adding in a utc
timestamp for 3rd party testing logs, as part of the required
environment details. [1]

Jeremy Stanley has rightly pointed out that this addition to
requirements could benefit from some feedback from reviewers and
developers who consume these logs to ensure that this is a useful
requirement not a dust catcher.

So please comment on the patch preferably or you are welcome to comment
on this thread to indicate whether you feel this requirement is worth

Given the nature of some other conversations regarding 3rd party testing
in the past, I have decided to put a time limit of 7 days on this thread
so as to not create an obstacle to merging the patch by opening the
conversation, in case there are no responses.

Thank you,

timestamp 2014-03-01T23:50:56 for the beginning of the timestamp
[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/77376/

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