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This is a very mature stance and well-written email. Thanks, Flavio and
all of the Marconi team for having thick skin and responding to the
various issues professionally.


On Thu, 2014-03-20 at 23:59 +0100, Flavio Percoco wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm sending this email on behalf of Marconi's team.
> As you already know, we submitted our graduation request a couple of
> weeks ago and the meeting was held on Tuesday, March 18th. During the
> meeting very important questions and issues were raised that made
> us think and analyse our current situation and re-think about what
> the best for OpenStack and Marconi would be in this very moment.
> After some considerations, we've reached the conclusion that this is
> probably not the right time for this project to graduate and that
> it'll be fruitful for the project and the OpenStack community if we
> take another development cycle before coming out from incubation. Here
> are some things we took under consideration:
> 1. It's still not clear to the overall community what the goals of
> the project are. It is not fair for Marconi as a project nor for
> OpenStack as a community to move forward with this integration when
> there are still open questions about the project goals.
> 2. Some critical issues came out of our attempt to have a gate job.
> For the team, the project and the community this is a very critical
> point. We've managed to have the gate working but we're still not
> happy with the results.
> 3. The drivers currently supported by the project don't cover some
> important cases related to deploying it. One of them solves a
> licensing issue but introduces a scale issue whereas the other one
> solves the scale issue and introduces a licensing issue. Moreover,
> these drivers have created quite a confusion with regards to what the
> project goal's are too.
> 4. We've seen the value - and believe in it - of OpenStack's
> incubation period. During this period, the project has gained
> maturity in its API, supported drivers and integration with the
> overall community.
> 5. Several important questions were brought up in the recent ML
> discussions. These questions take time, effort but also represent a
> key point in the support, development and integration of the project
> with the rest of OpenStack. We'd like to dedicate to this questions
> the time they deserve.
> 6. There are still some open questions in the OpenStack community
> related to the graduation requirements and the required supported
> technologies of integrated projects.
> Based on the aforementioned points, the team would like to withdraw
> the graduation request and remain an incubated project for one
> more development cycle.
> During the upcoming months, the team will focus on solving the issues
> that arose as part of last Tuesday's meeting. If possible, we would
> like to request a meeting where we can discuss with the TC - and
> whoever wants to participate - a set of *most pressing issues* that
> should be solved before requesting another graduation meeting. The
> team will be focused on solving those issues and other issues down
> that road.
> Although the team believes in the project's technical maturity, we think
> this is what is best for OpenStack and the project itself
> community-wise. The open questions are way too important for the team
> and the community and they shouldn't be ignored nor rushed.
> I'd also like to thank the team and the overall community. The team
> for its hard work during the last cycle and the community for being there
> and providing such important feedback in this process. We look forward
> to see Marconi graduating from incubation.
> Bests,
> Marconi's team.
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