[openstack-dev] [legal-discuss] [Marconi] Why is marconi a queue implementation vs a provisioning API?

Chuck Thier cthier at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 15:11:59 UTC 2014

> I agree this is quite an issue but I also think that pretending that
> we'll be able to let OpenStack grow with a minimum set of databases,
> brokers and web servers is a bit unrealistic. The set of supported
> technologies won't be able to fulfill the needs of all the
> yet-to-be-discovered *amazing* projects.

Or continue to ostracize current *amazing* projects. ;)

There has long been a rift in the Openstack community around the
implementation details of swift.   I know someone mentioned earlier, but I
want to focus on the fact that Swift (like marconi) is a very different
service.  The API *is* the product.  With something like Nova, the API can
be down, but users can still use their VM's.  For swift, if the API is
down, the whole product is down.  We have a very different set of
constraints that we have to work with, and thus why we often have to take
very different approaches.  There absolutely can't be a one fit solution
for all.

If we are going to be so strict about what an Openstack project uses, are
we then by the same token going to kick swift out of Openstack because it
will *never* use Pecan?  And I say that not because I think Pecan is a bad
tool, just not the right tool for swift.

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