[openstack-dev] [Ceilometer][QA][Tempest][Infra] Ceilometer tempest testing in gate

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Thu Mar 20 13:05:24 UTC 2014

We're using a dedicated MongoDB instance for ceilometer and a distinct DB for each of the Nova cells.


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Tim, yep. If you use one db for Ceilometer and Nova then nova's performance may be affected. I've seen this issue.
Will start profiling ASAP.

On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 3:59 PM, Tim Bell <Tim.Bell at cern.ch<mailto:Tim.Bell at cern.ch>> wrote:

+1 for performance analysis to understand what needs to be optimised. Metering should be light-weight.

For those of us running in production, we don't have an option to turn ceilometer off some of the time. That we are not able to run through the gate tests hints that there are optimisations that are needed.

For example, turning on ceilometer caused a 16x increase in our Nova API call rate, see http://openstack-in-production.blogspot.ch/2014/03/cern-cloud-architecture-update-for.html for details.


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> While I agree that Tempest's job is not to test performance, we do have to give some basic sanity checking here that the software is running in some
> performance profile that we believe is base usable.
> Based on the latest dstat results, I think that's a dubious assessment.
> The answer on the collector side has to be something other than horizontal scaling. Because we're talking about the collector being the 3rd highest
> utilized process on the box right now (we should write a dstat plugin to give us cumulative data, just haven't gotten there yet).
> So right now, I think performance analysis for ceilometer on sqla is important, really important. Not just horizontal scaling, but actual
> performance profiling.
>       -Sean
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