[openstack-dev] [nova][PCI] one use case make the flavor/extra-info based solution to be right choice

yongli he yongli.he at intel.com
Thu Mar 20 08:22:49 UTC 2014

HI, all

cause of the Juno, the PCI discuss keen open, for group VS to
flavor/extra-information based solution. there is a use case, which
group based
solution can not supported well.

please considerate of this, and choose the flavor/extra-information
based solution.

Groups problem:

I: exposed may detail under laying grouping to user, user burden of deal
with those things. and in a OS system, the group name might be messy.
refer to II)
II: group based solution can not well support such a simple use case:

user want a faster NIC from Intel to join a virtual networking.

suppose the tenant use physical network name is "phy1". then the 'group'
style solution won't meeting such a simple use case. reason:

1) the group name must be 'phy1', otherwise, the neutron can't not fill
the pci request, the neutron have only the physical network name for this.
(suppose the phy1 not bothering the user, if bothering user, user will
see group like : the "intel_phy1" "ciscio_v1_phy1".... )

2) because there is only one property in pci stats pool, user then loose
the chance to choice the version or model of the pci device, then user
can not request a simple thing like the "intel-NIC" or "1G_NIC.

Yongli He

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