[openstack-dev] [Ceilometer][QA][Tempest][Infra] Ceilometer tempest testing in gate

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Wed Mar 19 23:23:01 UTC 2014

On 03/19/2014 06:09 PM, Doug Hellmann wrote:
> The ceilometer collector is meant to scale horizontally. Have you tried
> configuring the test environment to run more than one copy, to process
> the notifications more quickly?

The ceilometer collector is already one of the top running processes on
the box -

Often consuming > 1/2 a core (25% == 1 core in that run, as can been
seen when qemu boots and pegs one).

So while we could spin up more collectors, I think it's unreasonable
that the majority of our cpu has to be handed over to the metric
collector to make it function responsively. I thought the design point
was that this was low impact.


Sean Dague
Samsung Research America
sean at dague.net / sean.dague at samsung.com

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