[openstack-dev] [php-sdk] Action items from today's meeting

Shaunak Kashyap shaunak.kashyap at RACKSPACE.COM
Wed Mar 19 16:42:44 UTC 2014

Thanks for the great meeting today. Here are the action items that came out of it:
- [Shaunak] Look into mailing list for user support. How do other OpenStack projects do this?
- [Shaunak] Make trivial change to repo to learn OpenStack contribution process
- [Jamie] Look into PHPSpec vs. PHPUnit 4. Specific: how does PHPSpec do code coverage?
- [Matt] Look into sponsorship from PHP FIG (email Larry Garfield @crell)
- [Matt] Consider syncing up with Alex Gaynor about removing dependency on HTTP transport layer
- [Matt] Write code to use PSR-4 with intermediate directory ("OpenStack") 
- [Matt] Get with Sam re: regular meeting on Wednesdays at 11EST, then schedule recurring meeting.

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