[openstack-dev] WSGI and Python paste

victor stinner victor.stinner at enovance.com
Wed Mar 19 13:25:24 UTC 2014


According to the following table, paste is blocking many OpenStack servers to be ported to Python 3:


The author of paste, Ian Bicking, gave me the commit permission to paste. I integrated patches from Debian and my colleague Cyril Roelandt, and I added even more patches. All these changes are just for the Python 3 syntax (import, except as, print, etc.). It looks like paste doesn't know anything about Python 3 and WSGI 1.0.1 (PEP 3333):


A function handling a web page must return bytes (b'data' in Python 3), whereas nativate string can be used in Python 2. It looks like paste is old (last release was 4 years ago, version in 2010). Even the author of paste suggest to use something else like WebOb:

   "Paste has been under development for a while, and has lots of code in it. Too much code! The code is largely decoupled except for some core functions shared by many parts of the code. Those core functions are largely replaced in WebOb, and replaced with better implementations."


What is the plan for OpenStack? Should we use something else?


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