[openstack-dev] [nova] Getting close to RC1....

Tracy Jones tjones at vmware.com
Tue Mar 18 21:31:54 UTC 2014

Folks - we are getting close to RC next week and therefore will start closing down the churn.  Bugs that are not merged by Monday @8am EDT (12pm UTC)  will be moved out of RC1 and pushed to icehouse-rc-potential.  Only those bugs which are 

a.  regression
b.  highest priority issues (as decided by russellb)

will be reviewed after that time.

The current list for RC1 is 

Bug report	Importance	Assignee	Status
#1195947	VM re-scheduler mechanism will cause BDM-volumes conflict		High	wingwj 	In Progress
#1246201	Live migration fails when the instance has a config-drive		High	Michael Still 	In Progress
#1269418	nova rescue doesn't put VM into RESCUE status on vmware		High	Gary Kotton 	In Progress
#1274129	host-update --maintenance enable regression for vmware VCDriver		High	Gary Kotton 	In Progress
#1290403	Hyper-V agent does not enable disk metrics for individual disks		High	Claudiu Belu 	In Progress
#1290540	neutron_admin_tenant_name deprecation warning is wrong		High	Robert Collins 	In Progress
#1290807	Resize on vCenter failed because of _VM_REFS_CACHE		High	Feng Xi Yan 	In Progress
#1294102	VMware: get_object_properties may not return any objects		High	Gary Kotton 	In Progress
#1180040	Race condition in attaching/detaching volumes when compute manager is unreachable		Medium	Nikola Đipanov 	In Progress

The rest will be deferred to Juno.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments


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