[openstack-dev] [Murano][Heat] MuranoPL questions?

Zane Bitter zbitter at redhat.com
Tue Mar 18 17:35:28 UTC 2014

(I added a couple of tags to the subject; hope this doesn't screw up 
anyone's threading.)

On 09/03/14 16:26, Joshua Harlow wrote:
> I'd be very interested in knowing the resource controls u plan to add.
> Memory, CPU...
> I'm still trying to figure out where something like
> https://github.com/istalker2/MuranoDsl/blob/master/meta/com.mirantis.murano.demoApp.DemoInstance/manifest.yaml
> would be beneficial, why not just spend effort sand boxing lua,
> python... Instead of spending effort on creating a new language and then
> having to sandbox it as well... Especially if u picked languages that
> are made to be sandboxed from the start (not python)...

-1 to using a full-blown programming language like Python over a DSL, but...

> Who is going to train people on muranoPL, write language books and
> tutorials when the same amount of work has already been done for 10+
> years for other languages....
> I fail to see where muranoPL is a DSL when it contains a full language
> already with functions, objects, namespaces, conditionals... (what is
> the domain of it?), maybe I'm just confused though (quite possible, haha).

...I'm inclined to agree with this. Whenever you find yourself 
implementing a Turing-complete Object-Oriented DSL... well, you'd at 
least want to stop and think very carefully about whether you might have 
taken a wrong turn somewhere.

> Does this not seem awkward to anyone else??

It does seem really awkward to me (and not just because of all the 
$signs), because it's duplicating basically all of the functionality of 
Heat. e.g. in MuranoPL you have:

     Contract: $.string().notNull()

whereas in HOT this would be:

     type: string
       - length: {min: 1}

In MuranoPL you reference it using "$this.name", vs. HOT using 
"{get_param: name}".

Note that HOT (a) already exists in OpenStack, and (b) is being 
developed in conjunction with TOSCA folks to ensure easy translation 
to/from TOSCA Simple Profile YAML rendering.

Looking at e.g. [1], more  or less everything in here can be done 
already inside a Heat template, using get_file and str_replace.

It sounds like this is a DSL in which you write everything imperatively, 
then it gets converted behind the scenes into a declarative model in a 
completely different language (but not using any of the advanced 
features of that language) and passed to Heat, which turns it back into 
a workflow to execute. That seems bizarre to me. Surely Murano should be 
focusing on filling the gaps in Heat, rather than reimplementing it in a 
different paradigm?

What I'm imagining here is something along the lines of:
- Heat implements hooks to customise its workflows, as proposed in [2], [3].
- Deployments are defined declaratively using HOT syntax.
- Workflows - to wrap the deployment operations, to customise the 
deployment and to perform lifecycle operations like backups - are 
defined using a Mistral DSL (I assume this exists already? I haven't 
looked into it).
- Murano provides a way to bundle the various workflow definitions, HOT 
models, and other files into an application package.

Can anybody enlighten me as to what features would be missing from this 
that would warrant creating a new programming language?



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> On Mar 8, 2014, at 10:44 PM, "Stan Lagun" <slagun at mirantis.com
> <mailto:slagun at mirantis.com>> wrote:
>> First of all MuranoPL is not a host but hosted language. It never
>> intended to replace Python and if Python can do the job it is probably
>> better than MuranoPL for that job.
>> The problem with Python is that you cannot have Python code as a part
>> of your DSL if you need to evaluate that DSL on server-side. Using
>> Python's eval() is not secure. And you don't have enough control on
>> what evaled code is allowed to do. MuranoPL on the contrary are fully
>> sandboxed. You have absolute control over what functions/methods/APIs
>> are exposed to DSL and DSL code can do nothing except for what it
>> allowed to do. Besides you typically do want your DSL to be
>> domain-specific so general-purpose language like Python can be suboptimal.
>> I don't say MuranoPL is good for all projects. It has many
>> Murano-specific things after all. In most cases you don't need all
>> those OOP features that MuranoPL has. But the code organization, how
>> it uses YAML, block structures and especially YAQL expressions can be
>> of a great value to many projects
>> For examples of MuranoPL classes you can browse
>> https://github.com/istalker2/MuranoDsl/tree/master/meta folder. This
>> is my private repository that I was using to develop PoC for MuranoPL
>> engine. We are on the way to create production-quality implementation
>> with unit-tests etc. in regular Murano repositories on stackforge
>> On Sun, Mar 9, 2014 at 7:33 AM, Joshua Harlow <harlowja at yahoo-inc.com
>> <mailto:harlowja at yahoo-inc.com>> wrote:
>>     To continue from other thread....
>>     """
>>     Personally I believe that YAQL-based DSLs similar (but probably
>>     simlet than) MuranoPL can be of a great value for many OpenStack
>>     projects that have DSLs of different kind. Murano for App
>>     Catatalog, Mistral for workflows, Heat for HOT templates,
>>     Ceilometer for alarms & counter aggregation rules, Nova for
>>     customizable resource scheduling and probably many more.
>>     """
>>     Isn't python a better host language for said DSLs than muranoPL? I
>>     am still pretty weary of a DSL that starts to grow so many
>>     features to encompass other DSLs since then it's not really a DSL
>>     but a non-DSL, and we already have one that everyone is familiar
>>     with (python).
>>     Are there any good examples if muranoPL that I can look at that
>>     take advantage of muranoPL classes, functions, namespaces which
>>     can be compared to there python equivalents. Has such an
>>     analysis/evaluation been done?
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