[openstack-dev] [nova] need help with unit test framework, trying to fix bug 1292963

Chris Friesen chris.friesen at windriver.com
Mon Mar 17 21:16:07 UTC 2014

I've submitted code for review at "https://review.openstack.org/80808" 
but it seems to break the unit tests.

Where do the "deleted" and "deleted_at" fields for the instance get 
created for unit tests?  Where is the database stored for unit tests, 
and is there a way to look at it directly?

Here is what's confusing me.  I added a breakpoint in the testcase at 
the point where it's trying to retrieve the instances.

The original code looks like this:

filters = {'uuid': filter_uuids, 'deleted_at': None}
instances = instance_obj.InstanceList.get_by_filters(context, 

If I run that code, I get three instances, as expected.

If I change it to "filters = {'uuid': filter_uuids, 'deleted': 0}" and 
rerun get_by_filters() then I get no instances in the result.

However, if I run "db.instance_get_all()" and look at the result, there 
are three instances and the "deleted" field is zero in each case:

(Pdb) db.instance_get_all(context)[0]['deleted']
(Pdb) db.instance_get_all(context)[1]['deleted']
(Pdb) db.instance_get_all(context)[2]['deleted']

So why does it fail if I try and filter by the "deleted" field?


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