[openstack-dev] [3rd party testing] How to setup CI? Take #2

Luke Gorrie luke at tail-f.com
Fri Mar 14 14:22:36 UTC 2014


Here's some follow-up on setting up devstack-vm-gate as a 3rd party.

On 13 March 2014 15:30, Luke Gorrie <luke at tail-f.com> wrote:

> 1. I need to enable an ML2 mech driver. How can I do this? I have been
> trying to create a localrc with a "Q_ML2_PLUGIN_MECHANISM_DRIVERS=..."
> line, but it appears that the KEEP_LOCALRC option in devstack-gate is
> broken (confirmed on #openstack-infra).

2. How do I streamline which tests are run? I tried added "export
> DEVSTACK_GATE_TEMPEST_REGEX=network" in the Jenkins job configuration but I
> don't see any effect. (word on #openstack-infra is this option is not used
> by them so status unknown.)

Now we have diagnosed (on #openstack-qa) and submitted fixes to
devstack-gate for both of these problems.

Links: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/80359/ (for localrc) and
https://review.openstack.org/#/c/80566/ (for regex).

3. How do I have Jenkins copy the log files into a directory on the Jenkins
> master node (that I can serve up with Apache)? This is left as an exercise
> to the reader in the blog tutorial but I would love a cheat, since I am
> getting plenty of exercise already :-).

This is still open for me. I have some tips from IRC (thanks Jay) but I
haven't been able to make them work yet.

> I also have the meta-question: How can I test changes/fixes to
> devstack-gate?

We found a solution for this now. If you add this line to the Jenkins job:


then I can edit /opt/stack/new/devstack-gate/devstack-vm-gate.sh without it
being overwritten on each test run. That makes it possible to do work on
the script. (Important: remember to also remove the lines from the Jenkins
job that do a "git reset --hard" to HEAD.)

I also have an issue that worries me. I once started seeing tempest tests
> failing due to a resource leak where the kernel ran out of loopback mounts
> and that broke tempest.

This issue hasn't popped up again.

Overall it's fun to be able to hang out on IRC and make improvements to the
OpenStack infrastructure tools. On the other hand, I've now invested about
a week of effort and I still don't have the basic devstack-vm-gate working
reliably, let alone testing the driver that I am interested in. So I find
it's a bit tough as a small vendor to comply with the new CI rules. Lack of
familiarity with the overall toolchain + 30-minute turnaround time on
testing each change really kills my productivity.

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