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On 2014年3月6日, at 下午2:19, Zhangleiqiang <zhangleiqiang at huawei.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Current openstack provide the delete volume function to the user.
> But it seems there is no any protection for user's delete operation miss.
> As we know the data in the volume maybe very important and valuable. 
> So it's better to provide a method to the user to avoid the volume delete miss.
> Such as:
> We can provide a safe delete for the volume.
> User can specify how long the volume will be delay deleted(actually deleted) when he deletes the volume.
> Before the volume is actually deleted, user can cancel the delete operation and find back the volume.
> After the specified time, the volume will be actually deleted by the system.
> Any thoughts? Welcome any advices.
> Best regards to you.
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> zhangleiqiang
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