[openstack-dev] Duplicate code for processing REST APIs

Steven Kaufer kaufer at us.ibm.com
Thu Mar 13 21:03:11 UTC 2014

While investigating some REST API updates I've discovered that there is a
lot of duplicated code across the various OpenStack components.

For example, the paginate_query function exists in all these locations and
there are a few slight differences between most of them:


Does anyone know if there is any work going on to move stuff like this into
oslo and then deprecate these functions?  There are also many functions
that process the REST API request parameters (getting the limit, marker,
sort data, etc.) that are also replicated across many components.

If no existing work is done in this area, how should this be tackled?  As a
blueprint for Juno?


Steven Kaufer
Cloud Systems Software
kaufer at us.ibm.com     507-253-5104
Dept HMYS / Bld 015-2 / G119 / Rochester, MN 55901
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