[openstack-dev] Disaster Recovery for OpenStack - call for stakeholder

Michael Factor FACTOR at il.ibm.com
Thu Mar 13 15:48:02 UTC 2014


Nice list of use cases; thank you for sharing.  One thought

Bruce Montague <Bruce_Montague at symantec.com> wrote on 13/03/2014 04:34:59 

> > * (2) [Core tenant/project infrastructure VMs]
> >
> > Twenty VMs power the core infrastructure of a group using a 
> private cloud (OpenStack in their own datacenter). Not all VMs run 
> Windows with VSS, some run Linux with some equivalent mechanism, 
> such as qemu-ga, driving fsfreeze and signal scripts. These VMs are 
> replicated to a remote OpenStack deployment, in a fashion similar to
> (1). Orchestration occurring at the remote site on failover is more 
> complex (correct VM boot order is orchestrated, DHCP service is 
> configured as expected, all IPs are made available and verified). An
> equivalent virtual network topology consisting of multiple networks 
> or subnets might be pre-created or dynamically created at failover time.
> >
> >   a. Storage for all volumes of all VMs might be on a single 
> storage backend (logically a single large volume containing many 
> smaller sub-volumes, examples being a VMware datastore or Hyper-V 
> CSV). This entire large volume might be replicated between similar 
> storage backends at the primary and secondary site. A single 
> replicated large volume thus replicates all the tenant VM's volumes.
> The DR system must trigger quiesce of all volumes to application-
> consistent state.

A variant of having logically a single volume on a single storage backend 
is having all the volumes allocated from storage that provides consistency 
groups.  This may also be related to cross VM consistent 
backups/snapshots.  Of course a question would be whether, and if so, how 
to surface this.

-- Michael

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