[openstack-dev] [all][db][performance] Proposal: Get rid of soft deletion (step by step)

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Wed Mar 12 18:02:25 UTC 2014

> If you want to archive images per-say, on deletion just export it to a 'backup tape' (for example) and store enough of the metadata
> on that 'tape' to re-insert it if this is really desired and then delete it from the database (or do the export... asynchronously). The
> same could be said with VMs, although likely not all resources, aka networks/.../ make sense to do this.
> So instead of deleted = 1, wait for cleaner, just save the resource (if
> possible) + enough metadata on some other system ('backup tape', alternate storage location, hdfs, ceph...) and leave it there unless
> it's really needed. Making the database more complex (and all associated code) to achieve this same goal seems like a hack that just
> needs to be addressed with a better way to do archiving.
> In a cloudy world of course people would be able to recreate everything they need on-demand so who needs undelete anyway ;-)

I have no problem if there was an existing process integrated into all of the OpenStack components which would produce me an archive trail with meta data and a command to recover the object from that data.

Currently, my understanding is that there is no such function and thus the proposal to remove the deleted column is premature.


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