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John Griffith john.griffith at solidfire.com
Wed Mar 12 04:10:50 UTC 2014

On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 9:07 PM, John Griffith
<john.griffith at solidfire.com>wrote:

> Hey Everyone,
> I wanted to send an email out to point out something that we ran across in
> Cinder yesterday.  First I want to review my understanding of how
> OSLO-Incubator is intended to work:
> The idea behind having the OSLO repository is to consolidate the various
> modules and such that all of the OpenStack projects use.  Not only is this
> great to reduce code duplication (at least reinventing the wheel), it also
> provides consistency and what should in the end be more reliable modules
> for all of those methods and functionality that all of the OpenStack
> projects share.
> Typically in Cinder if a patch comes along that attempts to modify
> anything in cinder/openstack/common directly it's rejected, the reason is
> that the idea of OSLO is that it is to be the master/upstream repository
> for the shared code.  If a change is needed or a bug needs fixing it needs
> to be fixed their first, and then synched back to the other projects.
> In my personal opinion the whole concept of OSLO-Incubator falls apart and
> doesn't work if this process isn't followed.  If the OSLO code needs a
> special customization for a single project then we need to look at the
> module and see if it can be modified to suit everyones needs, or said
> project just shouldn't import that module and should use their own (I know
> some won't like that but hey, it's reality).
> Anyway, the reason I'm sending this email out is that recently we had a
> problem showing up in CI with Cinder-API logging a ton of tracebacks.  It
> wasn't overly visible at first because the tests were actually passing, but
> it was a problem in logging and the logging messages.  After some digging
> it turned out that the problem was actually a bug in the
> openstack/common/log.py module which we just recently synched from OSLO,
> bug here [1].
> When I first started looking at this I discounted the synch with log.py
> because I noticed that other project (based on git history) had performed
> the same sync recently and had the same version.  After some digging and
> some work by Luis and others however we noticed that those projects had
> patched the log.py file directly in the project (Nova and Glance
> inparticular).
> So the problem now is that even though we have what we call "common" it
> seems there's a good chance that a number of projects have their own custom
> version of the code that's there.  That defeats the purpose in my opinion.
>  I don't want to argue the concept or policy of OSLO-Incubator code, but my
> point is that we do have a policy and we agreed on it so we should be
> careful to make sure we follow it.  It's easy for things like this to slip
> by so I'm by no means criticizing (especially since I'm sure there's
> similar things in Cinder), I just mentioned it in the project meeting today
> and folks thought it might be good to get it out on the ML to remind all of
> us about the process here.
> Thanks,
> John
> sorry... it's not nice to reference a link and not include it
[1]: https://bugs.launchpad.net/cinder/+bug/1290503
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