[openstack-dev] [Mistral] Local vs. Scalable Engine

W Chan m4d.coder at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 23:37:06 UTC 2014

I want to propose the following changes to implement the local executor and
removal of the local engine.  As mentioned before, oslo.messaging includes
a "fake" driver that uses a simple queue.  An example in the use of this
fake driver is demonstrated in test_executor.  The use of the fake driver
requires that both the consumer and publisher of the queue is running in
the same process so the queue is in scope.  Currently, the launcher for
both the api/engine and the executor are launched on separate processes.

Here're the proposed changes.
1) Rewrite the launch script to be more generic which contains option to
launch all components (i.e. API, engine, executor) on the same process but
over separate threads or launch each individually.
2) Move transport to a global variables, similar to global _engine and then
shared by the different component.
3) Modified the engine and the executor to use a factory method to get the
global transport

This doesn't change how the workflows are being processed.  It just changed
how the services are launched.

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