[openstack-dev] [heat]Policy on upgades required config changes

Steven Hardy shardy at redhat.com
Tue Mar 11 10:13:36 UTC 2014

Hi Keith & Clint,

On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 05:05:21AM +0000, Keith Bray wrote:
> I want to echo Clint's responses... We do run close to Heat master here at
> Rackspace, and we'd be happy to set up a non-voting job to notify when a
> review would break Heat on our cloud if that would be beneficial.  Some of
> the breaks we have seen have been things that simply weren't caught in
> code review (a human intensive effort), were specific to the way we
> configure Heat for large-scale cloud use, applicable to the entire Heat
> project, and not necessarily service provider specific.

I appreciate the feedback and I've certainly learned something during
this process and will endeavor to provide uniformly backwards compatible
changes in future.  I certainly agree we can do things better next time :)

Hopefully you can appreciate that the auth related features I've been
working on have been a large and difficult undertaking, and that once the
transitional pain has passed will bring considerable benefits for both
users and deployers.

One frustration I have is lack of review feedback for most of the
instance-users and v3 keystone work (except for a small and dedicated
subset of the heat-core team, thanks!).  So my feedback to you is if you're
running close to master, we really really need your help during the review
process, to avoid post-merge stress for everyone :)

Re gate CI - it sounds like a great idea, voting and non-voting feedback is
hugely valuable in addition to human reviewer feedback, so hopefully we can
work towards getting such tests in place.

Anyway, apologies again for any inconvenience, hopefully all is working OK
now with the fallback patch I provided.


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