[openstack-dev] [nova][neutron]A Question about creating instance with duplication sg_name

Xurong Yang idopra at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 08:20:11 UTC 2014

It's allowed to create duplicate sg with the same name.
so exception happens when creating instance with the duplicate sg name.
code following:
        security_groups = kwargs.get('security_groups', [])
        security_group_ids = []

        # TODO(arosen) Should optimize more to do direct query for security
        # group if len(security_groups) == 1
        if len(security_groups):
            search_opts = {'tenant_id': instance['project_id']}
            user_security_groups = neutron.list_security_groups(

        for security_group in security_groups:
            name_match = None
            uuid_match = None
            for user_security_group in user_security_groups:
                if user_security_group['name'] == security_group:
                    if name_match:---------------exception happened here
                        raise exception.NoUniqueMatch(
                            _("Multiple security groups found matching"
                              " '%s'. Use an ID to be more specific.") %

                    name_match = user_security_group['id']

so it's maybe improper to create instance with the sg name parameter.
appreciation if any response.
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