[openstack-dev] MuranoPL questions?

Joshua Harlow harlowja at yahoo-inc.com
Sun Mar 9 03:33:24 UTC 2014

To continue from other thread....

Personally I believe that YAQL-based DSLs similar (but probably simlet than) MuranoPL can be of a great value for many OpenStack projects that have DSLs of different kind. Murano for App Catatalog, Mistral for workflows, Heat for HOT templates, Ceilometer for alarms & counter aggregation rules, Nova for customizable resource scheduling and probably many more.

Isn't python a better host language for said DSLs than muranoPL? I am still pretty weary of a DSL that starts to grow so many features to encompass other DSLs since then it's not really a DSL but a non-DSL, and we already have one that everyone is familiar with (python).

Are there any good examples if muranoPL that I can look at that take advantage of muranoPL classes, functions, namespaces which can be compared to there python equivalents. Has such an analysis/evaluation been done?

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