[openstack-dev] testr help

John Dennis jdennis at redhat.com
Fri Mar 7 20:56:53 UTC 2014

I've read the following documents as well as the doc for subunit and
testtools but I'm still missing some big picture usage.


The biggest problem seems to be whenever tests are listed I get
thousands of lines of logging information and any information about the
test is obscured by the enormous volume of logging data.

>From what I can figure out the files in .testrepository are in subunit
version 1 protocol format. It seems to be a set of key/value pairs where
the key is the first word on the line followed by a colon. It seems like
one should be able to list just certain keys.

Question: How do you list just the failing tests? I don't want to see
the contents of the logging data stored under the pythonlogging: key.
Ideally I'd like to see the name of the test, what the failure was, and
possibly the associated stacktrace. Should be simple right? But I can't
figure it out.

Question: Suppose I'm debugging why a test failed. This is the one time
I actually do want to see the pythonlogging data, but only for exactly
the test I'm interested in. How does one do that?

Question: Is there any simple how-to's or any cohesive documentation?
I've read everything I can find but really simple tasks seem to elude
me. The suite is composed of implementations from testtools, subunit and
testr, each of which has decent doc but it's not always clear how these
pieces fit together into one piece of functionality. OpenStack seems to
have added something into the mix with the capture of the logging
stream, something which is not covered anywhere in the testtools,
subunit nor testtools doc that I can find. Any hints, suggestions or
pointers would be deeply appreciated.


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