[openstack-dev] [Trove] datastore version-specific disk-image-builder element

Michael Basnight mbasnight at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 19:06:52 UTC 2014

"Lowery, Mathew" <mlowery at ebay.com> writes:

> We have a need to support multiple versions of a single datastore with
> a single set of disk-image-builder elements. Let's take MySQL on
> Ubuntu as an example. 5.5 is already present in
> trove-integration. Let's say we want to add 5.6 to coexist. Let's also
> assume that simply asking for the existing apt repository for MySQL
> 5.6 is not possible (i.e. another apt repo is required). In
> trove-integration/scripts/files/elements, two approaches come to mind.
> Approach #1: modify ubuntu-mysql/install.d/10-mysql with a case statement
> Approach #2: add ubuntu-mysql-5.6/install.d/10-mysql

At present I much prefer Approach 2. If there is anything we need thats
a common element between both mysql, we can use ubuntu-mysql for
that. Then ubuntu-mysql-X is just the special bits around the indiv
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