[openstack-dev] [TripleO] os-cloud-config ssh access to cloud

Jiří Stránský jistr at redhat.com
Fri Mar 7 09:30:01 UTC 2014


there's one step in cloud initialization that is performed over SSH -- 
calling "keystone-manage pki_setup". Here's the relevant code in 
keystone-init [1], here's a review for moving the functionality to 
os-cloud-config [2].

The consequence of this is that Tuskar will need passwordless ssh key to 
access overcloud controller. I consider this suboptimal for two reasons:

* It creates another security concern.

* AFAIK nova is only capable of injecting one public SSH key into 
authorized_keys on the deployed machine, which means we can either give 
it Tuskar's public key and allow Tuskar to initialize overcloud, or we 
can give it admin's custom public key and allow admin to ssh into 
overcloud, but not both. (Please correct me if i'm mistaken.) We could 
probably work around this issue by having Tuskar do the user key 
injection as part of os-cloud-config, but it's a bit clumsy.

This goes outside the scope of my current knowledge, i'm hoping someone 
knows the answer: Could pki_setup be run by combining powers of Heat and 
os-config-refresh? (I presume there's some reason why we're not doing 
this already.) I think it would help us a good bit if we could avoid 
having to SSH from Tuskar to overcloud.



[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/78148/

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