[openstack-dev] [nova] RFC - using Gerrit for Nova Blueprint review & approval

Bohai (ricky) bohai at huawei.com
Fri Mar 7 02:55:11 UTC 2014


Agree with you. I like this idea so much.
It makes the blueprint review/discuss better tracked and recorded.
It's convenient for the people joining later to know the design's history.

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> One of the issues that the Nova team has definitely hit is Blueprint overload. At
> some point there were over 150 blueprints. Many of them were a single
> sentence.
> The results of this have been that design review today is typically not
> happening on Blueprint approval, but is instead happening once the code shows
> up in the code review. So -1s and -2s on code review are a mix of design and
> code review. A big part of which is that design was never in any way sufficiently
> reviewed before the code started.
> In today's Nova meeting a new thought occurred. We already have Gerrit which
> is good for reviewing things. It gives you detailed commenting abilities, voting,
> and history. Instead of attempting (and usually
> failing) on doing blueprint review in launchpad (or launchpad + an etherpad, or
> launchpad + a wiki page) we could do something like follows:
> 1. create bad blueprint
> 2. create gerrit review with detailed proposal on the blueprint 3. iterate in
> gerrit working towards blueprint approval 4. once approved copy back the
> approved text into the blueprint (which should now be sufficiently detailed)
> Basically blueprints would get design review, and we'd be pretty sure we liked
> the approach before the blueprint is approved. This would hopefully reduce the
> late design review in the code reviews that's happening a lot now.
> There are plenty of niggly details that would be need to be worked out
>  * what's the basic text / template format of the design to be reviewed
> (probably want a base template for folks to just keep things consistent).
>  * is this happening in the nova tree (somewhere in docs/ - NEP (Nova
> Enhancement Proposals), or is it happening in a separate gerrit tree.
>  * are there timelines for blueprint approval in a cycle? after which point, we
> don't review any new items.
> Anyway, plenty of details to be sorted. However we should figure out if the big
> idea has support before we sort out the details on this one.
> Launchpad blueprints will still be used for tracking once things are approved,
> but this will give us a standard way to iterate on that content and get to
> agreement on approach.
> 	-Sean
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