[openstack-dev] Proposal to move from Freenode to OFTC

CARVER, PAUL pc2929 at att.com
Thu Mar 6 16:23:46 UTC 2014

James E. Blair [mailto:jeblair at openstack.org] wrote:

>significant amount of time chasing bots.  It's clear that Freenode is
>better able to deal with attacks than OFTC would be.  However, OFTC
>doesn't have to deal with them because they aren't happening; and that's
>worth considering.

Does anyone have any idea who is being targeted by the attacks?
I assume they're hitting Freenode as a whole, but presumably the motivation
is one or more channels as opposed to just not liking Freenode in principle.

Honestly I tried IRC in the mid-nineties and didn't see the point (I spent all
my free time reading Usenet (and even paid for Agent at one point after
switching from nn on SunOS to Free Agent on Windows)) and never found
any reason to go back to IRC until finding out that OpenStack's world
revolves around Freenode. So I was only distantly aware of the battlefield
of DDoSers trying to cause netsplits in order to "get ops" on contentious

Is there any chance that OpenStack is the target of the DDoSers? Or do
you think there's some other target on Freenode and we're just
collateral damage?

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