[openstack-dev] [Nova][Cinder] Feature about volume delete protection

Zhangleiqiang zhangleiqiang at huawei.com
Thu Mar 6 06:19:27 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Current openstack provide the delete volume function to the user.
But it seems there is no any protection for user's delete operation miss.

As we know the data in the volume maybe very important and valuable. 
So it's better to provide a method to the user to avoid the volume delete miss.

Such as:
We can provide a safe delete for the volume.
User can specify how long the volume will be delay deleted(actually deleted) when he deletes the volume.
Before the volume is actually deleted, user can cancel the delete operation and find back the volume.
After the specified time, the volume will be actually deleted by the system.

Any thoughts? Welcome any advices.

Best regards to you.


Best Regards

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