[openstack-dev] What's Up Doc? Mar 5 2014

Anne Gentle anne.gentle at rackspace.com
Wed Mar 5 21:48:25 UTC 2014

Here in Austin we are gearing up for the onslaught of visitors for the SXSW
festival next week. My first visit there was in 2003, and yes I had to look
it up in my blog,
those who are into retro tech. :) I'll be there early next week so if
you're in town say hi!

1. In review and merged this past week:
Operations Guide dropped to production! More details and schedule below.

Just about a month until a release candidate is cut, March 27th starts the
release candidates. See
https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Icehouse_Release_Schedule for all the
glorious release dates. This week is Feature Freeze.

Great work going on to keep up with configuration options and good work
making the Configuration Reference more polished and "leaner" -- for true
reference. Summer Long has been going great gangbusters on ensuring ALL
configuration files have examples in the documentation, great work Summer.

We also revised the configuring live migration instructions to be more
careful with access.

Lots of cleanup in the training manuals as well.

2. High priority doc work:

The subteam on install doc is still working hard, diagrams are being drawn,
architectures are being made, servers are being booted. It's all good. I
should probably have one of their reps give the report! Come to one of the
weekly docs team meetings for details and to find ways to help.

I'd love to find a documentation mentor for an intern with the Outreach
Program for Women. Please add Documentation ideas to the wiki page at:

3. Doc work going on that I know of:

The Operations Guide went to production yesterday! Here's their schedule
(which shouldn't affect us, just letting you all know how these things
work). I'll be entering edits that are markup cleanup most likely. Our
single window of time to add  icehouse info in the Working with Roadmaps
appendix is 3/7-3/18. If you're curious, the book is in the latest O'Reilly
collaborative authoring system, Atlas2, backed by github and they convert
the DocBook to asciidoc on the fly. You can still update the master branch
at any time, and I'll be hand-picking and hand-editing as needed.

-Intake (3): 3/4-3/6
-Copyedit (5): 3/7-3/13
-AU review (3): 3/14-3/18 (Window closes)
-Enter edits (5): 3/19-3/25
-QC1/index (6): 3/26-4/2
-Enter edits (5): 4/3-4/9
-QC2 (2): 4/10-4/11
-Enter edits: 4/14-4/15
-final O'Reilly check: 4/16
-to print: 4/17

4. New incoming doc requests:

We are definitely behind in triaging doc bugs -- 48 new bugs, some of which
may be from DocImpact flags so until the code merges we won't need to
address. Even so, with over 400 open bugs we know we need help keeping up
with DocImpact flags. Please if you have some time, take a look through doc
bugs you could pick up.

Also the install doc group is logging bugs for improving the install guide,
so that accounts for about 10 doc bugs.

5. Doc tools updates:
The 1.14.1 version of the clouddocs-maven-plugin went out this week with
multiple improvements, many to the API Reference listing page to help with
unique anchor URLs, Google Analytics, and an automatically generated TOC
(rather than hand-coding the list of APIs to display). Read more at

6. Other doc news:

Not to bury some very exciting news, but we've adjusted our list of
doc-core members. We hope to keep reviews moving through. We managed to get
over 100 doc patches in the last week and I'm hopeful the additional
reviewers will help push our numbers even higher! I'm very happy with the
strength of the doc core team and appreciate all the participants we've had
in this release period.

Welcome to:
Gauvain Pocentek
Lana Brindley
Summer Long
Shilla Saebi
Matt Kassawara

Also, the Design Summit proposals for blueprint discussions in the
documentation track should open up tomorrow or Friday, 3/7. Please let me
know what you'd like to discuss at the Summit in Atlanta. The deadline for
the Travel Support program was Monday and we'll be making our decisions
soon with notification by 3/24.
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