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Sorry for not cc openstack-dev at first (haven't got familiar with
OpenStack's GSoC
custom... but it's quite a different flavor compared with my last mentoring
org). I just
sent it to the possible mentors. But it turns out that openstack-dev gives
lots of
benefit. :)

I noticed that Fang also has interests towards this idea. It's strengthened
my thought
that it's a great idea/project.

Russell and dims showed their concerns that the project described it is far
too large
to be able to implement in one GSoC term. In fact, I hold the same concern,
so I
asked the possible mentors about it at the end of my last mail.

This project appear to have a "big name". But when we dig into detail of
the project
description, it seems that the project is about implementing a nova
scheduler that
can take information from storage and network components into consideration
can make decisions based on global information. Besides, Sylvain also
that it's now in FeatureFreeze period. So, I think maybe we can move this
from Gantt section to Nova section (with the consent of original project
and further specify the contents of the project to make it a enhancement or
a new
feature/option to nova's current scheduler.

Thanks all your help and Sylvain's reminder on #openstack-meeting!



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Subject: [OpenStack GSoC] Chenchong Ask for Mentoring on "Implement a
cross-services scheduler" Project
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Hi, Yathi and Debo

I'm a master student from China who got a great interest in the "Implement
a cross-services scheduler"
project you put in the Gantt section of OpenStack's GSoC 2014 idea list.
I'm taking the liberty of asking
you as my mentor for applying this project.

My name is Chenchong Qin. I'm now in my second year as a master student of
Computer Science at
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. My research interests mainly
focus on Computer Network
and Cloud Computing. I participated in GSoC 2013 to develop a rate control
API that is 802.11n features
aware for FreeBSD (project
I've been following closely with OpenStack since last year and
have done some work related to network policy migration. I'm familiar with
C/C++ and Python, and have
also write some little tools and simulation programs with python.

When I first saw your idea of implementing a cross-services scheduler, I
determined that it's a necessary
and meaningful proposal. I participated in a research project on channel
scheduling in a distributed MIMO
system last year. From that project, I learned that without global
information, any scheduling mechanisms
seemed feeble. I've read the blueprints you wrote and I highly agree with
you that the scheduler should be
able to leverage global information from multiple components like Nova,
Cinder, and Neutron to make the
placement decisions. I'm willing to help with the SolverScheduler blueprint
both during this GSoC project
and after.

And, I also got a question here. According to the project description,
"This project will help to build a
cross-services scheduler that can interact with storage and network
services to make decisions". So, our
cross-services scheduler is now just a nova scheduler that can interact
with storage and network component
to make decisions, but not a universal scheduler that can be used by other
components. Did I make it right?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and regards!

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