[openstack-dev] Change in openstack/neutron[master]: Permit ICMPv6 RAs only from known routers

Robert Li (baoli) baoli at cisco.com
Wed Mar 5 16:23:13 UTC 2014

Hi Sean,

Sorry for your frustration. I actually provided the comments about the two
LLAs in the review (see patch set 1). If the intent for these changes is
to allow RAs from legitimate sources only, I'm afraid that that goal won't
be reached with them. I may be completely wrong, but so far I haven't been
convinced yet. 


On 3/5/14 10:21 AM, "Collins, Sean" <Sean_Collins2 at cable.comcast.com>

>Hi Robert,
>I'm reaching out to you off-list for this:
>On Wed, Mar 05, 2014 at 09:48:46AM EST, Robert Li (baoli) wrote:
>> As a result of this change, it will end up having two LLA addresses in
>> router's qr interface. It would have made more sense if the LLA will be
>> replacing the qr interface's automatically generated LLA address.
>Was this not what you intended, when you -1'd the security group patch
>because you were not able to create gateways for Neutron subnets with a
>LLA address? I am a little frustrated because we scrambled to create a
>patch so you would remove your -1, then now your suggesting we abandon

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